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Mumbooks Review

When you have children, you very quickly come to realise what an important role reward systems can play, Mumbucks allows your children to ‘earn’ rewards for good behaviour and trade them in for treats and favourite things. Here at Nursery Trader we have been taking a closer look.


“Easy system to use, can be adapted to suit your family, teaches children the value of earning and saving”

“Younger children may find it difficult to understand and take care of”

Our score

4 stars

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Nursery Product Review

Mumbucks was created by a mum of 2 young children, who believes in children having clear goals and boundaries. She found that traditional reward systems were effective, but only for a short period of time before the children lost motivation. And so Mumbucks was born. The system teaches children the value of saving and earning, and the reward sheet shows them exactly what is expected of them. Find out more in our Mumbucks review:-

What’s in the box?

Each Mumbucks set contains 82 Mumbucks notes of different denominations, a card wallet and a family reward sheet for you to personalise.


The RRP of Mumbucks is £14.99

Mumbucks – How does it work?

Mumbucks is a simple system to use. It is based around a selection of Mumbucks notes – these come in a variety of values from 1 up to 50. Simply fill in the reward sheet – it states that ‘In this house we earn Mumbucks for’ – then a space for you to write your own list. So, in this house we earn Mumbucks for making beds, getting dressed for school, brushing teeth, being kind to each other, eating all our dinner, sharing toys and saying please and thank you. You can personalise the reward chart to suit your own family – you can sneak in any things that you would like your child to be better at. The Mumbucks can then be saved, and once you have enough you can trade them in for treats or favourite things – think TV time, staying up late, days out or something as simple as a chocolate treat. Whatever works for you and your family. The reward chart can be changed and adapted as your family grows – as the children get older you could consider adding in more household chores – maybe hovering, helping with washing or loading the dishwasher? (Or any other jobs you would like a break from yourself!) The rewards can also be adapted – computer time or a phone call to a friend for older ones? The notes are made of paper, so after a while they may begin to rip or look a bit tatty, so handle with a little bit of care.


Mumbucks – Out and about

The beauty of Mumbucks is how simple they are to use anywhere. The card wallet allows you to carry the Mumbucks when you are out of the house, and your children can earn even when they are not at home. Younger children could get a reward for walking beside you, older children could help carry the shopping. The possibilities are endless, and so flexible – whatever works for you. Very young children may not understand this system – they may well get bored before they have ‘saved’ enough for a treat, but the possibility to adapt it may work for you.


Mumbucks Conclusion

Mumbucks are a very clever little idea – every parent knows the value of a reward system when it comes to motivating children towards good behaviour. I often mean to make more exciting reward charts and systems for my children, but it is one of those things that goes on the to-do list underneath a million other things. This system takes that stress away – it is always there and can be used anywhere and anytime. My children (aged 5 and 7) are old enough to understand the concept of saving and exchanging for rewards – although I think toddlers and very young children may not understand the system and lose interest quickly, and may rip or tear the Mumbucks. I like how Mumbucks can be personalised to suit any family, and I am fairly sure that most children will be keen to give this reward system a try.